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Space Base: The Secrets of Space


Space Base: The Secrets of Space

With Generation Science
Monday 6th May (rescheduled from February )

Ages 7-12

SPACE BASE: SECRETS OF SPACE, is a planetarium workshop show that explores the wonders of our solar system, the scope and scale of the universe and our place within it. Starting with the movements of the sun across the sky, you’ll find out how scientists historically observed the movement of stars and planets to create theories about the formation of the solar system.

After exploring the solar system in more detail - our solar system’s structure has a star (our sun) at the centre, with planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and satellites all moving in approximately circular paths around it -  we’ll then look at how scientists observe celestial bodies today. Lots of interesting facts and interesting things to look at!

Please note, children only for this show, no adults – it takes place in a specially designed touring structure which can only accommodate 30 children, plus the two workshop leaders.

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Date: 06/05/2019

Birnam Arts and Conference Centre
Station Road
Dunkeld, Perthshire
United Kingdom
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