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The War On Drugs: Don Paterson, Darren McGarvey, Anna Ross


The War On Drugs: Don Paterson, Darren McGarvey, Anna Ross
The John Kinnaird Hall
Saturday 24th November
4pm - 5.30pm

It's over 45 years since Richard Nixon declared "war on drugs".   Ronald Reagan stepped it up in the 1980s with "Just Say No" and military interventions in Latin America.  In the 21st century it has been used as a rationale for the continuing occupation of Afghanistan.  Meanwhile street drugs are more readily available than ever and the opioid crisis spreads even to the affluent suburbs of the Western World.   Consensus on drugs policy is breaking down.  How have art and literature influenced perceptions of this movement?   Readings, music and discussion of this hot topic will be chaired by Drew Campbell and feature poet Don Paterson, rapper, activist and author Darren 'Loki' McGarvey and academic writer Anna Ross
Note: This session is linked to a worldwide series of events organised via the Berlin International Literature Festival.

Anna Ross


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Date: 24/11/2018

Birnam Arts and Conference Centre
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Dunkeld, Perthshire
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