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Studio-Access Artist Residency 2021

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Birnam Arts is delighted to offer artists based in Scotland the opportunity to apply for a one month ‘Studio Access Residency’ in February 2021.  


This residency would offer:

  • access to our Visual Arts Workshop and Dance Studio
  • the opportunity to dedicate time and space to artistic practice & development
  • an artist fee of £500
  • a 2 week Solo Exhibition in our Upper Gallery in March 2021

Curatorial support from the Arts Development team at Birnam Arts would also be available.  Accommodation would be provided for the night prior to final installation and the night of the exhibition opening. (Covid-19 Restrictions depending.)

Our studios are shared creative spaces.  We host a variety of workshops and classes throughout the year and some of these will be taking place at the time of residency. Please note that we will adhere to ongoing covid restrictions and the level system will be followed. For more information, please head to




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We appreciate there are many forms of arts practice and flexibility in types of space are useful. 


Dance & Drama Studio:

This studio features a wall-mounted dance mirror, wooden floor, high ceiling and abundance of natural light from the large east facing window.  Use of this studio would best suit a performance artist, dancer or a visual artist requiring a clean working area. 


Visual Arts Studio:

This studio features a long bench, two large tables, a clean-working station, sink, large west-facing window and wooden floors. 

Use of this studio would best suit visual artists looking to work in a variety of mediums that benefit from sink access.  Arts practices suitable include but are not limited to; ceramics, sculpture, painting, printmaking, silversmithing, bookbinding/zinemaking, textiles and more. 

As part of access to this studio, 2 Kiln firings and area for storage of work will be included with the residency.  If more firings are required, this can be accommodated but please note that covering the cost of extra consumables and a technician fee will fall to the artist.

Inductions will be given to allow safe use and access to these studios.

The £500 artist fee is a fund available for either studio access residency. The artist fee will be paid to the artist by invoice.  Please ensure you have a UK bank account and registered address.



Young artist installing exhibition in gallery space. Text reads 'Studio Access Artist Residency'.



We openly and actively encourage applications from people of black, ethnic and minority backgrounds, to those living with disabilities, of any gender and non-binary, as well as people of any age.

Applications in partnership are also welcome. e.g. two artists who would like to develop a piece of work together.  The artist fee remains the same for the project and this should be taken into consideration.

Birnam Arts are particularly interested in work that broaches ecological, societal or community based ideas but all applications are encouraged and will be considered.

Applications for the Studio Access Artist Residency can be downloaded here, or paper copies (including large print) are available on request.

To hear the latest news from Birnam Arts, head over to our Instagram and Facebook.


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