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Seeking The West Winds
Sunday 25th March to Thursday 31st May
Opening Sunday 25th March 2pm-4pm
Open daily 10am-5pm


This is the first solo show to be held by Libby Scott in her home area of Perthshire, having previously participated in group exhibitions. Most of the works, which are paintings, sketches and prints, are inspired by locations in close proximity to the villages of Stanley, Birnam and Pitlochry.

Libby’s artistic inspiration is drawn from open panoramic vistas capturing the drama of the weather approaching from the west. Often her paintings are started on location directly from the scene and this makes for works that are spontaneous, full of energy, movement and light. She seeks to convey the symbiotic relationship between the elements of weather, land and the interplay of the hidden and the revealed scene.


Using a variety of artistic processes to convey her sense of journeying through the landscape and her feeling of being part of the scene, Libby expresses her intuitive response to the energy and unfolding drama of the landscape, capturing a feeling of light, movement and wildness. In her work she seeks to evoke a glimpse, a moment in time and the sense of mood of the land and place.


Drift – appearing as part of Perthshire Creates’ Platform Festival
Opening Sunday 25th March 2pm-5pm
Until Sunday 22nd April, daily 10am-5pm

Exhibition Installation


 DRIFT is an audio installation using a technique called Ambisonics: in addition to the horizontal plane, sound comes from above and below, putting the listener in a virtually real, immersive, 360° degree environment. The audio has been recorded with a special four capsule microphone, capturing the sounds of wildlife, the natural environments of Perthshire and The Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Human ambiences, such as distant traffic, radio or the wind in the wires, subliminally change the way the listener perceives their new surroundings. The soundscape slowly morphs, changing from the familiar to unknown or impossible environments. Each experience of Drift is a new sonic adventure.

John Wills has been a musician and sound engineer using field recordings for over twenty years. In 2017 he collaborated with BAFTA winning, BBC sound recordist, Chris Watson (Blue Planet/Life of Birds), on a 40 minute piece called 'The Turn of the Tides', recorded in various locations in Orkney. It was reproduced over eight loudspeakers at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall as part of the Sound and Music Festival July 2017.                                   

Family Ties: Kinsman-Blake Family
Continues until Wednesday 31st May 
Open daily 10am-5pm

The exceptional Kinsman-Blake Family, with a gallery based in the Scottish Borders, represent a dynamic range of artistry:  Linda is an acclaimed ceramicist and oil painter and husband, Rankin, works with Scottish hardwoods. Daughters Robyn and Lillias have both followed creative paths; Robyn, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, is an established and innovative jeweler, whilst Lillias, who studied at University of the Arts London is a professional musician and graphic designer with an illustrative approach to screen-printing.


Saturday 2nd April – Saturday 30th April 
Between Myth and Ledgend by Edge Textile Artists Scotland

Edge Textiles Artists Scotland was formed in 1999, an amalgamation of three leading textile art groups of the time – Embryo, One, 6,7 and SETA, following several shared platforms of their own, individual group exhibitions.

The original groups, although coming from different parts of Scotland, shared a common higher educational base in the Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh art schools, where observed drawing was the foundation of the creative process. Now, the membership is from a much broader background, although every member has followed some formal, recognised education in textiles.

The group aims to promote excellence in all aspects of contemporary textiles and, through their nation-wide exhibitions, the artists now have a wide following. The strength of the work produced by the members lies in technical expertise, diversity of subject and innovative approaches to design.

March 2016 Autism: Hearts of Angels

Autism: derived from the Greek word autós, meaning self.

 Autism: Hearts of Angels by Graham Miller

In June 2015, Bankfoot-based documentary photographer Graham Miller visited Greece to investigate the impact of the financial crisis on the disabled community. He spent several days living in a house with twelve adults affected by severe autism. In this, his latest work and third visit to Birnam Arts, he shares his experiences from inside the house.

‘At times the people who lived there would seem to take a sudden interest in me before quickly retreating inside themselves. Almost as if returning to a place of safety’ says Graham. ‘I’m hoping that by attending our exhibition, and thinking carefully about what they see, visitors will like me emerge with a better understanding of the condition’.

Graham’s work is heavily inspired by the plight of persons with disabilities and the effect on their lives…


The images shown here are selected from the 14 that will be shown as light boxes, with extended captions, at Birnam Arts during the month of March. Each light box has a remote control allowing the light levels to be adjusted. ‘I want people to feel they can interact with the work and am using light in a symbolic way to show that we can all have an impact on others lives good and bad’.

Jenny Paterson, director of The National Autistic Society Scotland, said: ‘I was very moved by Graham’s wonderful exhibition of autistic adults living in Greece. The presentation of his beautiful photographs on lightboxes is unique and attention-grabbing. I would urge people to visit The Birnam Arts Centre and view his work whilst they can.’



February 2016: Pinkie Maclure - Stained Glass

Pinkie Maclure's extraordinary stained glass light boxes seduce the viewer into a darkly humorous and intriguing place - using old and new techniques, she juxtaposes medieval imagery with 21st century preoccupations, including extinct animals, industry, wildflowers, buried rubbish, rare insects and imbues them with a mischievous sense of irony.

Shortlisted for several art awards, including The Jerwood Makers and Fergusson Art Prize, Pinkie’s work has been featured in several international publications.


November 2015 - January 2016: Christmas Craft Market

An exciting and eclectic collection of works for sale by Scottish artists, particularly aimed at the Christmas market – from small pieces of jewellery, very reasonably priced, to larger, substantial pieces of art and craft works, housed on the mezzanine level… unique and memorable Christmas presents.


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