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Birnam Arts Maintenance Days 2020!

Maintenance Days 2020: Monday 6th - Tuesday 7th January

It's hard to believe that 2020 has already arrived, 2019 has been another busy year here at Birnam Arts with the building playing host to a multitude of events, workshops, community groups, festivals, fitness classes, weddings, conferences, exhibitions and more - It really is wonderful to be such a well used (and hopefully loved!) community asset.

Being open from dawn til dusk on nearly every day of the year takes it's toll on the fabric of the Arts Centre and so, every January we embark on our additional maintenance days to ensure everything is glistening, shiny and looking fresh for the upcoming year.

Maintenance Days 2018
January 3rd - 5th
Volunteers Very Welcome!
Maintenance Days 2018
January 3rd - 5th
Volunteers Very Welcome!

This year we'll be shut for two days, Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th of January.

As always we'd be delighted for some extra elbow grease! We've been very fortunate to have been able to call on a dedicated team of volunteers in the past and we would be delighted to see this continue! The goodwill and assistance of our community really does make a huge difference towards the successful running of Birnam Arts. The best thing is, once you get stuck in, it's actually really good, healthy rewarding fun - trust us on this one! As always we'll be putting on lunch and refreshments.

We're especially looking for willing volunteers who know their way around a paintbrush, can yield a mop or can do general handyman/woman jobs....

If you can lend a hand at all, please contact James on 01350 727 674,

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